Textron Off Road Racing

Textron Off Road has joined forces with Romero Off Road in an effort to be named the king of desert racing.  The Wildcat XX can dominate any terrain and outperforms the competition from the ground up.  With it's trailing arm design, the Wildcat XX has more stability and can put power to the ground with greater intention than any other vehicle of it's kind.  

Romero Off Road Racing became the first team in history to finish the grueling and unforgiving Baja 1000 in a Textron Off Road vehicle.  A team of warriors that not only fought for the Red White and Blue, but also showed a fighting spirit when all they had was a drive belt and a spare tire to face and conquer the Baja gauntlet. 

Together, Textron Off Road and Romero Off Road look to dominate the competition and Ride Over Everything.