How did you get into racing? 
Since we were kids, we always had a tight bond.  As we grew older, the distance between us made it harder to do activities together.  During a military deployment, one of my brothers had a close encounter. When he returned home, he decided that distance was not going to be the reason for us not to be together. After talking with people in the off road racing community, he decided that this would be the perfect activity for all of us to come together.  He purchased a race ready car and the journey into Baja racing began. 
Why did you choose that particular vehicle?
At first we just wanted to race, the vehicle didn't matter much.  Once we started racing we realized that there weren't many Wildcats in the field. Most people were racing other UTVs that had much more support, but the fact that we are considered the underdog makes us want to continue racing the same Wildcat.  Most of our lives we've been the underdog and we faught our way to where we are.  We feel our car will fight just as hard as we will. 
You say you were an underdog most of your lives. What do you mean by that?
Its a long story but the short version is that we were very young when we dropped out of school and started working to help the family survive. Times were very tough. Food was limited and we lived in a van for years. Our family stayed together and we worked hard to get out of that situation. As we got older we got back in school and we enrolled in college. We didn't have money for school so we decided to join the military to help
with our tuition. It seemed that we were always fighting against all odds, but somehow we prevailed. 
How did the military help you be where you are?
The military gave us opportunities we never thought possible. Growing up in a poor neighborhood all you can do is dream and making those dreams a reality almost seemed impossible. Because of the military, we all have seen and done things that many people only see in movies. We were already tough kids, so military training was just natural and it fit well with our desire to thrive. That being said, the greatest part of the military is the fact that we can have the honor of fighting alongside some of the bravest men and women this country has to offer.
What advise would you give someone that wants to start racing like you?
Be prepared to fight! There's no driver or team member that I have come accross that does not have a fighting spirit. Quiting is not really in our DNA and it cannot be part of anyone's DNA if you plan to get into this kind of activity. Be patient. It can be descouraging not to finisish a race, but you have to be able to see the positives in everything and use all that you can to get better and better. 
What is the best part of racing in BAJA?
 For us, the best part is being together as a family. The second best part is seeing some of the most beautiful yet unforgiving environment known to racing.  We race to win, but BAJA will always have something to say about that.